Monday, September 3, 2007

New OntologyOnline WebApp Version

A new version of the ontologyonline web application has been uploaded.

This marks the completion of the first phase of a major code overhaul. The most important result is that all ontologies now aggregate in one MySQl database.

The biggest change should be noted in the search results section. The search engine now mines all namespaces and the search output provides the ability to filter on both namespace and language (if the results contain terms from multiple languages). I'm hoping the transition went smooth, although a little hiccup here and there is not totally avoidable.

OntologyOnline Search Engine
Screenshot of the search engine in action.

About the search engine

The ontology online search engine differs quite dramatically from regular google/yahoo etc searches. Each ontologyonline web page is about one given unique ontology concept. In contrast to google/yahoo and similar search engines the search is not about retrieving relevant pages which contain the specified search string in text, but about retrieving exact concepts: As such our search engine attempts to match the search string against all names and synonyms (including different languages) of the concepts present in the knowledge warehouse.
If no exact match can be found, a list of partial matches (where the name or synonym contains part of your search string) will be displayed, in alphabetical order.

So if one for example wishes to search for neuroblast, the search string 'neuro' will yield partial matches for, amongst other, 'neuroblast'. Functionality of the engine is expected to increase/improve in the future.

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