Monday, June 25, 2007

A true semantic web application was launched in April 2007. It offers one of the first true semantic web applications (often referenced as web 3.0) by allowing users to interact with ontologies at runtime. Ontology Online's proper search engine crawls the available ontologies for exact phrases, but also synonyms and even word fragments, the querying ability is only limited by the content itself, not by the semantics.

As an example illustrating this, when searching organisms with the OntologyOnline search engine the search parameters 'velvet worm', 'spitting worm', 'onychophoran', or even the word fragment 'onyocho' will all lead to the same page describing the Onychophora(e.g. velvet worms) phylum.

The search engine is also accessible by means of a Google Gadget.

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